Year: 2006

  • Web Directions south wrap up

    Web Directions South is over for another year and what a fantastic event it was.At Web Essentials last year, I thought the focus was on standards and accesibility. This year, talk of standards took a bit of a back seat. This is an incredible leap forward in the last 12 months. I guess at a […]

  • Web Directions

    On Tuesday I’m heading off to Sydney for Web Directions. I can’t wait. If it’s anything like Web Essentials was last year I’m in for a great 4 days. I’ve managed to score a place on the workshops that are being held in the two days leading up to the conferece. On Tuesday I’m doing […]

  • A few changes so it’s still not there

    So it’s been a while since the last post, and the site is still not finished. I kind of got a bit done on it while I was sitting up late watching the Tour de France and the World Cup, but since then it’s all stalled a little. The IA still doesn’t exist, the layout […]

  • Progress

    I’m getting there with the development of the site. If you see some stange things happening around here it will just be me trying a few things.

  • A fresh start

    I turned 35 yesterday. I thought it would be a good time to force myself into getting my online presence up and running. As a web developer I’ve found I am always seeking perfection for my own site, so I start something, get 75% of the way there & decide I don’t like it. I […]