Least interesting Flickr photos

Looking at my Flickr photos it’s easy to see what my 200 most interesting photos are. However, if you have more than 200 photos in your photostream how do you work out what is your least interesting flickr photo? With a little help from the Flickr API you can build a page that will show you your 5 least interesting photos.Try it out and see what your least interesting photos are.



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One response to “Least interesting Flickr photos”

  1. Came across your post when searching for Flickr stuff, and it got me thinking about what the least interesting photos from all the Flickr users would look like each day. So I decided to make this site to show it… http://leastinteresting.sytes.org/

    I didn’t really know what sort of photos to expect, but I was actually a little disappointed that some of them are quite interesting! I was sure that they’d be duller! 🙂