Year: 2008

  • Thriller

    I recently had a bit of fun at the National Library of Australia’s Christmas party playing Michael Jackson. It was so much fun.

  • New Zealand then and now

    On November 27 the National Library of New Zealand became the sixteenth institution to join The Commons.  In what was perfect timing, within days Google launched their streetview service for New Zealand.  Of course I’ve modified my then and now mashup to include the images on Flickr from the National Library of New Zealand.  They’ve […]

  • Flickr commons in my neighbourhood

    Following on from my previous then and now Flickr commons meets streetview demonstration, I started to think of how could I bring that experience to a user based upon their current location – take out the streetview and replace it with a real life view.  Can you provide an immersive experience for a user, giving them […]

  • Communicating University Research Identity

    These are notes from a talk by Simon Porter from the University of Melbourne at the Libraries Australia Forum 2008. All you needed to know about a University was a book.  Number of pages increase over time from 16 pages in 1870 to 227 pages in 2004.  Although the scope remains the same, the size […]

  • Next Generation Library Catalogues

    These are notes from a talk by Eric Lease Morgan from University of Notre Dame at the Libraries Australia Forum 2008. The environment is changing, cheap computers that are globally connected have changed the way libraries work and what they are about. When items are analogue it is important to create surrogates of our items.  […]