Year: 2007

  • Least interesting Flickr photos

    Looking at my Flickr photos it’s easy to see what my 200 most interesting photos are. However, if you have more than 200 photos in your photostream how do you work out what is your least interesting flickr photo? With a little help from the Flickr API you can build a page that will show […]

  • Apple security update 2007-004 issues

    I just applied Apple security update 2007-004 to my powerbook (an ancient G3 Pismo running 10.3.9) & now when it wakes from sleep it doesn’t recognise my airport network. After a reboot it detects the network correctly, but once it goes to sleep again the airport network is lost. Turning the airport card on and […]

  • Powerpoint mental model

    Last Friday I gave a presentation to the participants of Picture Australia on the redesign I have been working on. I always get a little nervous before a talk, but then once I start talking the nerves disappear and everything is fine.Today I had a bad start to the presentation. I was standing in front […]

  • Travel and the mobile web

    Over the past few years I’ve done a bit of travelling and in the process have made some informal observations regarding the mobile web.In 2005 I visited Egypt. Everywhere you looked there were satellite dishes. If you were in the city or the desert every house had at least one dish poking through the rubble. […]

  • Geotagging Flickr

    Flickr have updated their detail level for images of Canberra on their mapping service. This is going to make geotagging my images much more accurate. Thanks.