Social networks and the Libraries Australia forum

17 October 2008

On October the 23rd Libraries Australia is holding its annual forum at the Powerhouse Museum.  I’ve decided to use the event as a practical introduction to many staff members of the National Library on how social networks can be used to enhance an event.

I’m going up there with my laptop and will sit in the audience and blog the event, make some twitter posts and upload some photos of the event to Flickr.  After the event I’ll attempt to get the speakers to upload their presentations to slideshare.  All of these resources will be aggregated at a page I’ve made that uses the API’s from Twitter, Flickr, Technorati and Slideshare to display anything that is posted using the tag for the event laf2008.

I’m not sure if they’ll be any other members in the audience that will participate on the day, but hopefully in the days and weeks following the event, as a few people blog about it or take photos, all of their thoughts will be aggregated in one location.

Whatever the outcome is, it will be an interesting first step in how to use a few more of these tools in our work.


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