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  • The setup wrap up

    Wow! Yesterday I asked everyone who was participating in #blogjune to answer 4 questions about what they use to get their jobs done. There was a fantastic response to my request. I hope I got to read everybody’s posts, I did my best following on Twitter & seeing who linked back to my request. There […]

  • Trove zone relevancy bubbles

    I often set myself little challenges to come up with a method that solves a problem or improves something (usually somehow related to something at work, or something from the GLAM sector). It will usually involve some technique, or programming feature that I’m trying to learn. Practical learning. In this case, I was looking at […]

  • Lost diggers

    In my previous post I spoke about owning your own content and controlling how it’s published. This post is something that demonstrates the value of having your content online. I’ve never written about this before, I don’t know why, it was very interesting to be part of. At the start of 2010 I gave a […]

  • Own your own content

    One of the housekeeping issues I need to fix on my site is fixing my presentations… Once upon a time, SlideShare was the go to place for hosting presentations. It was a great idea, worked really well and allowed you to share and access presentations from conferences you couldn’t attend & in the process learn so […]

  • It’s not an advanced search, it’s an advanced interface

    The ability to converse with computers has for a long time been the realm of science fiction – 2001 and HAL 9000 (or if you were a child of the 80’s maybe the Knight Industries Two Thousand). In the past few years we’ve started to see speech interaction become much more common thanks to services like Siri […]