Reflections on #blogjune

It’s the end of June and the end of #blogjune. I can’t believe how quickly it went. At the start of the month I posted a few thoughts on what opportunities participating in this might bring, so now it’s time to reflect on the past month.

I did accurately predict that I wouldn’t post every day – I managed on average every second day & I thought that was pretty good. I did tend to have a bunch of posts on a musical theme.

I wanted to do some housework on my site. I did clean up a few areas and I’m nearly done working up a newer and more modern template. That will be in place shortly.

Going through this process did reignite some thoughts that I wanted to get in writing. I did find that some posts felt a little rushed, so I might revisit and expand on a few thoughts in a more articulate fashion. I’m keen to build on the momentum.

I enjoyed reconnecting with my library community again. Everyone was positive, everyone posted about different things, professional and personal. It was so interesting getting such a varied daily reading fix.

I was thrilled when everyone became passionate about my proposal for a common post topic. This was a highlight for me.

I’m guilty for not commenting on posts. The discussions for me happened elsewhere on Twitter – that was interesting although not unexpected. Ruth was a shining light in comments and has given me so much to think about for future posts. Stay tuned for #shyjuly.

I did find myself slipping back into things that I don’t like about social media. Checking statistics to see if posts had been read, checking twitter stats to see if things had been interacted with. I need to learn to not worry about that.

At the end of the month, I’ve got a few more topics in half finished drafts that I’ll get to over time. I’ve got my vibe back so I’ll be more active here in the future. Thanks #blogjune!