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  • Reflections on #blogjune

    It’s the end of June and the end of #blogjune. I can’t believe how quickly it went. At the start of the month I posted a few thoughts on what opportunities participating in this might bring, so now it’s time to reflect on the past month. I did accurately predict that I wouldn’t post every […]

  • Content as experience

      Earlier in #blogjune, Kathryn Greenhill & I were having a conversation in response to her post about a session at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival, where people were asking where to get book recommendations and libraries didn’t come up in the conversation. I’ve been thinking a bit about “content as experience” rather […]

  • Time travel challenge

    When I was thinking about topics to write on for #blogjune, one of them was going to be a reflective post about what the world was like when I started working in libraries. In the meantime, Kathryn Greenhill set a #blogjune challenge to answer the following 2 questions. They are close enough to my initial […]

  • The setup wrap up

    Wow! Yesterday I asked everyone who was participating in #blogjune to answer 4 questions about what they use to get their jobs done. There was a fantastic response to my request. I hope I got to read everybody’s posts, I did my best following on Twitter & seeing who linked back to my request. There […]

  • I use this

    Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Paul Hagon, web developer at the National Library of Australia. I’ve been working in libraries and museums for nearly 20 years now – always on websites. I’ve been so lucky to work in major institutions and magnificent buildings. I don’t know how much strict designing I […]