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  • Lost diggers

    In my previous post I spoke about owning your own content and controlling how it’s published. This post is something that demonstrates the value of having your content online. I’ve never written about this before, I don’t know why, it was very interesting to be part of. At the start of 2010 I gave a […]

  • It’s not an advanced search, it’s an advanced interface

    The ability to converse with computers has for a long time been the realm of science fiction – 2001 and HAL 9000 (or if you were a child of the 80’s maybe the Knight Industries Two Thousand). In the past few years we’ve started to see speech interaction become much more common thanks to services like Siri […]

  • Forte: the National Library of Australia’s sheet music collection iPad app

    A man walks into a reading room, hands over his iPad and says “Hi, my name is Jake and I’ve built this”… Let’s go back in time In March 2011 the National Library placed a dataset of our sheet music collection up at This was to be used as one of the datasets for […]

  • Flickr Commons turns 5

    Today Flickr Commons turned 5 years old. The Commons has turned into an incredible resource of over 250,000 images from 56 different libraries, archives, and museums throughout the world. For me, the launch of Flickr Commons heralded what turned out to be a huge turning point for my career. Flickr Commons allowed me to build my […]

  • Australian Women’s Weekly visual timeline

    In the past I’ve spoken about moving our collections Beyond the search box, the colorful library and that libraries should be the provider of digital information but not control how we interact with that information. Recently the National Library of Australia released digitized versions of the Australian Women’s Weekly. The existing way of accessing this collection […]