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  • Public speaking

    Over the years, I have found that public speaking is without a doubt the most rewarding aspect of my job. It wasn’t always like that though. When I first started I was terrified. Even giving a short presentation to close work colleagues would make me nervous for a few days before hand. Now, I wouldn’t […]

  • Own your own content

    One of the housekeeping issues I need to fix on my site is fixing my presentations… Once upon a time, SlideShare was the go to place for hosting presentations. It was a great idea, worked really well and allowed you to share and access presentations from conferences you couldn’t attend & in the process learn so […]

  • BlogJune, an opportunity

    As you’ve probably noticed, my site has been fairly neglected the past few years with very sporadic posts and nothing really cohesive. In fact, most of my online presence has been relatively quiet over the last few years. I’ve still been following everything that’s going on, I just haven’t been an active participant. Over the […]

  • Flickr Commons turns 5

    Today Flickr Commons turned 5 years old. The Commons has turned into an incredible resource of over 250,000 images from 56 different libraries, archives, and museums throughout the world. For me, the launch of Flickr Commons heralded what turned out to be a huge turning point for my career. Flickr Commons allowed me to build my […]

  • Reflections on 2011

    As you can see from my site, 2011 was a year that I didn’t do very much writing. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about, I just didn’t get around to finishing up the posts & they stayed in drafts (hence this being posted in February – better late than never). This […]