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  • Geolocation in Firefox 3.5 and the iPhone

    Today the Mozilla group released Firefox 3.5. This release has many new features, but one that really interests me is the inbuilt geolocation service. This release also comes hot on the heels of the iPhone OS3.0 software upgrade that also brings inbuilt geolocation to the mobile safari browser. Why is this exciting? They are both…

  • Tate Liverpool iPhone tours

    With the recent introduction (for many countries) of Apple’s iPhone, many museums and galleries have been looking at ways they can use the web browser and multimedia player capabilities of the device to enhance the content they deliver.

  • Australian iPhone data plans

    Vodafone, Optus and Telstra have announced their pricing plans for the iPhone here in Australia.  Take a look at a summary of their proposed pricing structures: Price per month Included voice and TXT Included data $19 – Optus $50 100Mb $30 – Optus 3G wireless broadband N/A 1Gb $35 – Vodafone 3G mobile broadband N/A 5Gb…