Year: 2009

  • YQL mashups for libraries

    In October GovHack was held in Canberra. I went along as a participant, but also to advise any teams on the use of the National Library of Australia’s API’s. One of the things I spent my time doing there was to make some YQL Open Data Tables for some of the Library’s services. Why is this […]

  • Immediate sharing

    This week the east coast of Australia was blanketed in a dust storm. The worst day was on Wednesday the 23rd when Sydney was blanketed in errie red dust. The social networks were bombarded with people’s accounts of the events. I decided to do a little analysis of how quickly people reacted to the event […]

  • Common Ground

    I’m really excited to be playing a small part in the upcoming Common Ground meet up to be held on the 2nd-3rd October 2009. Common Ground is a global meet up celebrating the Commons on Flickr to be held by as many of the institutions in the Commons as possible. The institutions will be projecting […]

  • Using VLC for screen capture

    I recently had to make a screen capture for embedding into a Keynote presentation. As this sort of thing isn’t something I do often I didn’t really want to pay money for a program to do it. Luckily, something totally unrelated happened and I found the solution. VLC, the open source media player was updated […]

  • Building location aware websites

    On the 24th of July I gave a presentation to the Canberra Web Standards Group on Building location aware websites. Here are the slides and notes from my presentation. Slides 1-2 Welcome I’m Paul Hagon a web developer at the National Library of Australia. This is my twitter handle if you are twittering about my […]