Common Ground

I’m really excited to be playing a small part in the upcoming Common Ground meet up to be held on the 2nd-3rd October 2009. Common Ground is a global meet up celebrating the Commons on Flickr to be held by as many of the institutions in the Commons as possible. The institutions will be projecting images from the Commons onto their buildings at night. In keeping with the community based spirit of Flickr & The Commons, the images have all been chosen by the public.

I’ve cast my vote on the images I would like to see and will head to Sydney to the Powerhouse Museum to sit with friends and watch the slideshow. On the night I’ll be giving a brief presentation on some of the work I’ve been doing using The Commons.  On Sunday 4th October, I’ll be giving a presentation with Paula Bray at the Powerhouse Museums Talks After Noon, where I’ll talk about what Flickr Commons means to me, show some of the things I’ve done with it and most importantly discuss the power of the community.

Come along, it will be a great night.



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2 responses to “Common Ground”

  1. Paulie,
    I would have voted, but I simply got bored trying to move by what must be hundreds of dull old photos of even older parts of Europe. I ran out of time and frankly lost interest & believe that the results from this vote will be distorted accordingly. There should have been another way to browse or arrange the photos by themes.

  2. Paul Hagon

    The voting process was a little clunky and I suspect there are going to be lots of skewed votes for photos from the first page of the first few institutions.