The setup wrap up

22 June 2017

Wow! Yesterday I asked everyone who was participating in #blogjune to answer 4 questions about what they use to get their jobs done. There was a fantastic response to my request. I hope I got to read everybody’s posts, I did my best following on Twitter & seeing who linked back to my request.

I really enjoyed stopping and thinking about the tools I use. I kept my answers to those things I use on a very regular basis. There’s a mass of utilities that I use for specific purposes, but I didn’t start listing them as I thought it could go on and on. Maybe they are the really interesting things?

From the feedback I got, it seemed like you all enjoyed the task too. We ended up with a really good overview and insight into how we get things done. I feel like I know a little bit more about everyone, things that you don’t pick up in 140 characters. Thanks everyone!


One Response to “The setup wrap up”

  1. Graeme Oke Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Paul!