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  • Content as experience

      Earlier in #blogjune, Kathryn Greenhill & I were having a conversation in response to her post about a session at the Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival, where people were asking where to get book recommendations and libraries didn’t come up in the conversation. I’ve been thinking a bit about “content as experience” rather […]

  • iTunes for librarians part 5: Smart playlists

    Up till now I’ve been demonstrating some of the different different methods that can be used to add metadata and use this to sort and display your music library. Now I would like to show you a demonstration of why getting all of this metadata correct is important. Think of your iTunes library as your ILMS. If […]

  • iTunes for librarians part 4: Using 3rd party tools

    Up until now, all the editing and organising has taken place using the built in Get Info panel within iTunes. There’s actually a lot of metadata fields available to a file so sometimes it’s useful to use a 3rd party tool to assist in adding this information in. A 3rd party tool is practically essential if you […]

  • iTunes for librarians part 3: Classical music

    If your library consists of a lot of classical works, there’s a little trick you can use to make the display a little easier to read. By default, a classical album will display the same as any other album with the track names appearing in a long list. However, typically the tracks making up a classical […]

  • iTunes for librarians part 2: Organising your library

    In part 1 of this tutorial series I covered the basics of importing tracks into your library. In this tutorial I’ll show you some tricks that will assist in keeping your library nicely organised as more and more content gets added. Like my physical music collection and my book collection I like to have things arranged […]